There are many ways to make a cookie.  Depending on taste or desired texture – different ingredients and techniques can be used

The same can be true for social marketing campaigns. Each client has a set of goals in mind and it is up to us to help realize them by combining the appropriate technology & creative design.  Luckily enough, we have the cookie cutters and the cookie batter and our clients can add the ingredients to make each unique!

While Oddcast is best known for building unique custom applications for our clients (specialty cakes), we also recognize that budgets and schedules aren’t always available to build a custom cake. Here’s how we handle these situations:

The cookie cutter solutions:

1.  Technology API –

We’ve packaged many of our unique media personalization solutions into cloud based APIs – that can be used from any platform.
This enables our clients to develop the user facing experience and leverage our technology on the back end.  This is the least expensive option and the quickest to execute.
Consult with us about whether your project’s needs can be met using our API Solutions.

Schedule:  Immediate – take our API for a spin and make your own cookies!


Laughing Babybel

Dove – Beauty Chain

2. Templates to the Rescue –

A fully functional campaign can be created and delivered to the client soup-to-nuts – in half the time and half the budget!  As long as the client can accept some limits on UI customization.
The technology can still knock their socks off, but most of the creative energy must go into the narrative and the media to be used – not the user interface.

Schedule: 3 to 4 weeks.




Avatarize Yourself

BWin – Enter the Game

Both methodologies have proven successful. Talk to us, share your campaign ideas, and let’s find out what’s possible.

You might be surprised how good the cookies taste – and what a lasting impression they make! French to Latvian

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