When creating online campaigns, mobile compatibility is now a must. In some recent campaigns, mobile interactions were over 75%!

But when building media rich solutions, and attempting to ditch Flash, you can’t help but run into limitations and inconsistencies of HTML5.
So how to go about it?

Oddcast approaches this brave new mobile world with a combination of techniques:
1. Skating the cutting edge…

of what HTML5 can do with media. HTML5 can do quite a bit – but it does require effort to make it shine.

See for example –

Best Dog Ever

This campaign supports user video upload, video recording and video editing – all in mobile web and desktop browsers compatible.

3. Server side rendering…

When mashups cannot be generated on the client platform, we create them on the server.

Our cloud based solution generates millions of audio and video mashups every day and in real-time.

4. Custom API solutions…

Allows our client to develop the user interface themselves.

See for example –

Dove Beauty Chain 

Not You When You’re Hungry?

In these campaigns Oddcast developed a unique technological solution – and delivered it to our client via an HTTP API.

5. Building a Native mobile app…

A mobile app can be a valuable addition or a central pillar of a campaign. Though this might not be the right choice in most cases.

But in some cases an app can work spectacularly and offer a massive boost.

See for example (click at the bottom of the page to download the app) –


With millions of downloads, ElfYourself has been rated #1 in Entertainment category in the iTunes store, for 2 years running.

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