Elf Juan Zapata

Juan is originally from Colombia and moved to New York to pursue his dreams. He has been dancing professionally for about 5 years. His favorite ElfYourself dance is the Office Dance with Olutayo. Juan’s fondest childhood Christmas memory is when he woke up in the middle of the night to find his family gone and went out to look for them. Turns out they were having a Christmas party!




Elf Martina Heimann

This is Martina. Martina has been dancing for almost 20 years. She really enjoyed the EDM and Office Party Dances. Martina said that being an ElfYourself elf is the best holiday present she could give her family (by the way, her family is all the way in Germany). Her brothers will be able to inject their heads onto her dancing body this Christmas (boy that came out sounding a bit weird…)







Elf Olutayo Bosede

Everyone, this is Olutayo (or you can just call him Olu.) Olu has been a dancer for the past 12 years. His favorite part of the ElfYourself production is being able to try different types of dance genres.  By being a part of ElfYourself, Olu is living his childhood dream of being a part of Christmas. His favorite memory of Christmas was when he tried to get his family to celebrate Christmas AND Kwanza, and ended up learning the true meaning of both!





Elf Stephanie Scull

Stephanie is a professional dancer fromNew Jersey. She started dancing when she was a little girl. Stephanie loves that ElfYourself imposes limitation to her dance movements which forces her to use her body movements even more. Stephanie revealed to us that she elfed herself last year. Before becoming an elf, she thought everything was computerized!








Elf Tina Jackson

Tina is a 24 year old New Yorker. Tina started dancing at 4 years old and began to dance professionally at 14. Her favorite part of the ElfYourself production is how animated every single dance move needs to be.  She thinks it will be cool that her friends will be able to place their heads on her dancing body! Tina believed in Santa Claus until she was 13 years old. She thinks that her family will be playing with ElfYourself dances at least until New Years!






Elf Choreographer Eden Shabtai

Who is behind all those wonderful dance steps? It’s Eden Shabtai. Eden is originally from Israel and has been dancing since she was 7 years old! Choreographing is her passion and she loves creating new dance moves. Her favorite dance is the Honky-Tonk because it was such fun to create. The most difficult for her was creating dance moves for Elfspañol. Eden is very excited about ElfYourself this year!



Join the fun by going to www.elfyourself.com.  Download the free ElfYourself app for your iPad and iPhone or Android device. If you didn’t catch the “Behind the Scenes of ElfYourself 2013” post, read it here!


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