Want to know how it feels to be interrogated by the police? In the Number One Suspect application, you can now fully experience what it’s like to be investigated by a real life no-nonsense detective. Investigation Discovery (ID) teamed up with Oddcast to create a unique online interrogation experience that leverages your Facebook data against you!


In this application, you are a suspect in a murder case (Uh-oh… someone is in BIG trouble…). You are asked questions by Lt. Joe Kenda, a 25-year veteran homicide detective, and now the host of his own real life drama show on ID. Type in your responses to his questions and Lt. Kenda will let you know what he thinks of them. Even better!  Turn on your webcam for some extra fun! Lt. Kenda can verify that you are focused and taking the interrogation seriously. This is made possible by our computer vision algorithm.


In his own low key manner, Joe Kenda knows how to put a suspect in his place, and even though this is (spoiler alert) “just a simulation”, his personality definitely shines through. This is a police detective with over 400 homicide convictions to his name, and his presence certainly comes across.



Whether you are guilty or innocent, put yourself to the test and start your interrogation with Number One Suspect.



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