The holiday season is just around the corner! This year, and that means of course one thing, and one thing only: ElfYourself 2013 is drawing near!  And better than ever too! Today, I’d like to share a little bit of the magic behind the scenes.

So here’s the real skinny:  As usual our elves traveled all the way from the North Pole to bring everyone some holiday joy. We had them in town for four days – and what amazing days they were. During these four days we saw them rehearse & shoot four brand new dances for this year’s online and mobile apps.  For 4 days, our team of elves displayed amazing magic as they worked hard on their dance moves and amazed all of us lucky to be there.

Day 1 and Day 2

It’s the first day of rehearsal; the elves arrive bright and early at the studio for fitting. Everyone looks great with their elf costume! Our costume designer, Alex, is back again this year to keep an eye on our elves’ wardrobe and iron out any loose ends.



Just look at how amazing they look in their brand new costumes…

… And what’s even better? They’ve got cowboy boots this year!

Let’s take a sneak peek of the rehearsal:

Day 3 and day 4

We have everything ready: our songs, dance steps, and camera set up. (Oh and did we mention the guitar?) We’re all ready to get the show on the road. Our elves jumped, kicked, and twirled for the camera all day long for two days – all the while creating these wonderful lasting dance moves for our camera crew.  It was magical!

Check it out:

Now the shoot is over, it’s back to the office for us Oddcast folks. And back to the North Pole for our magically talented elves.  Are you wondering what this year’s holiday magic looks like? Just go to and check it all out!



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