Oddcast is proud to have played a key part in a new groundbreaking interactive computer vision campaign – where users play for prizes using nothing more than Skittles and a web-cam.


In this campaign, developed by Catapult RPM, we employed rocket science technology to detect the color of candy the user holds up to the camera. Sounds easy? Well – that’s what they said before the moon landings too! Ok… bad example, it’s not really what they said.


Oddcast’s contribution to the campaign was to develop and implement the computer vision algorithm that makes candy recognition possible, bringing to light these profound truths:

                      Orange squeezes Lemon

                      Green Apple jams Strawberry

                      Strawberry stomps Grape

                      Lemon cores Green Apple

                      … as well as other fundamental laws of nature.

So let’s start playing Rock Paper Skittles! All you have to do is grab a bag of Skittles© Original and go to rockpaperskittles.com. Pick any Skittles flavor and hold up it up to your nose!

The Skittles Recognition Technology recognizes your flavor, and enters you into a duel. You get one entry in the sweepstakes every time you win! The rules are determined by this chart:

Do you have what it takes to be the next Rock Paper Skittles National Champion? Try it yourself and play to win the grand prize of $50,000!


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