In 2006, ElfYourself was introduced to the world and became a very popular viral holiday sensation. This year, OfficeMax tapped Oddcast to produce ElfYourself 2012.


Ever wonder who you’re putting your faces over in ElfYourself? Well, let us introduce to you the very talented group of elf dancers and the elf choreographer! This group of special people worked hard for three days to help make all these delightful dances possible!


Elf Courtney Goerge

This is Courtney’s first time doing Elf Yourself. Courtney has been dancing for 14 years! (Since 10 years old!) Courtney’s family has enjoyed ElfYourself for years and this holiday season, her family will be able to put their faces on her body! They can’t wait! Her favorite dance style for ElfYourself was the Charleston.  She loves Christmas and is hoping to spend it with her family.






Elf Kasey Davage

Kasey has been dancing for many years and has professionally danced for over 3 years. She is thrilled to be a part of ElfYourself as is her family! Kasey most enjoyed dancing to the disco number. She’s hoping to sneak out the elf outfit! (Shhh… don’t let Santa know that you have it!)








Elf Kendell “History” Hinds

Everyone, meet History! (No, History is not his real name! His real name is Kendell Hinds.) He’s been dancing professionally for over 5 years. History’s favorite dance from ElfYourself is the Charleston. Turns out he’s wanted to learn it for a while. Thanks to our talented choreographer, History is ready for the roaring 20’s!








Elf Jordan Viscomi

Jordan has been dancing for 17 years. (Unbelievably, he is only 19 years old!) The first thing Jordan did after he found out that he was part of ElfYourself was call his family. Fun fact – Jordan had actually met History before ElfYourself but this was their first chance to work together. Jordan is looking for a nickname like History. (He’s thinking about calling himself Science! What do you think??)







Elf Choreographer

This is the mastermind behind all 5 of the Elf Yourself dances: Jermaine Brown. Jermaine has been a choreographer for over 10 years and has done several projects in the music and fashion industries. ElfYourself was a new experience for Jermaine overall, but the biggest challenge for Jermaine was creating the dance moves to the classic Christmas song. He says it’s an amazing feeling to be part of ElfYourself which has become such an enduring holiday tradition.






Join the fun and go to! You can download the ElfYourself app on your iPad and iPhone!! If you didn’t catch the Behind the Scene of ElfYourself, read it here!



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