Haven’t had time to check out elfyourself.com during this busy holiday season? Never fear the ElfYourself App is here! For the first time ever, the ElfYourself experience is in an app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


The Oddcast team collaborated with MagicMirror to recreate ElfYourself on-the-go. New functionality had to be conceived and designed for this version of ElfYourself. The App allows you to select your photos from the camera roll, take a photo using the device’s camera, or choose from Facebook. You can even download a video and keep it forever! First ElfYourself with the Hip Hop video, then create more by purchasing any of the other themes: Soul, 80s, Classic, and the Charleston.


Check out some screenshots from the iPad version of the app or click here to download the ElfYourself App and delight your friends with an instant ElfYourself video!


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