Every once in a while things come together to create a perfect storm.  Today, we launched Trek Yourself, an application we loved from the first moment and which we predict will be a viral success.  It's a great feeling to have and I am glad to share it with you.

So why will Trek Yourself be a viral hit?  Because everything went right for this app:

1. It introduces a high concept and easy to understand idea: become a Star Trek crew member.
2. It leverages great brand equity – Star Trek.  Equity that has been built over years and has a cult following.
3. Its easy to use – try it and see.
4. The process of creation was collaborative and open, and so improvements and enhancements where added along the way. Brigandi, Kelloggs' agency and Kelloggs were creative partners and executive producers from the heavens.
5. Kelloggs was excited to experiment and go where no man has gone before.

6. Its built as a widget, so that Star Trek fans can grab the entire
app and allow others to Trek Themselves anywhere on the web. Like I did here.  Try it:

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