As a kid, I loved the Superman movie.  Now that we released our new 3D VideoStar technology, I can star in it too!  All I did was upload my photo and 3D VideoStar automatically placed me in the scene. 

I am excited about the launch of our new product.  It’s revolutionary, in that with such little investment (a single photo upload) users can get such a rich personalized experience.  And it happens automatically. 

Here are a few more things the 3D VideoStar can do:
1. Users can record their own audio and speak their lines in the video. 
2. Users can sequence several video clips to create and star in their very own created video.

So what is 3D VideoStar best for? We have several brand partners who are starting to shoot their commercials with the 3D VideoStar technology in mind.  Imagine that users can now insert themselves into a car commercial.
Imagine users uploading themselves into a music video. Or a movie trailer.

Here is another of my favorite childhood movies.

It takes some guts to show up on the set with leather undergarments.
Thankfully, 3D VideoStar spared me that too.

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