Now that we have our blog, the talking avatar company is talking…  Sometimes, it seems like everyone is talking.  They are exchanging ideas about user generated content, the role of mainstream media and social networking.  Meanwhile, the web has become alive with the sights and sounds of rich media content. 

Perhaps it is fitting that we start our corporate blog at this time, because of the distinct shift in the conversation over the last few months.  People are talking less about the environmental changes, like the growth of blogs or user generated video, and more about sustaining these changes through the development of viable business models.  The business of user-centric media has many challenges and requires new approaches.  When media changes, the role of traditional advertising and brands also comes into question.

These are just some of the challenges:

  • People do not accept, and have the tools to avoid, advertising that degrades their digital experience.
  • Viral is a buzzword and outbreaks are highly encouraged, but difficult to achieve.
  • Brands are still very hesitant to relinquish control over their messaging and placement. 
  • Distinguishing your message and capturing user attention from within the overwhelming flood of content is extremely difficult.

With this blog, rather than broadcast our approaches to these challenges, we are hoping to create a forum to share ideas with others who are facing these same issues: brand managers, marketers, PR agencies, businesses large and small, and yes, consumers as well.   We’ll also try to give you a little insight into who we are and how we do business.  When we see some interesting discussions going on off this site, we’ll point those out as well.  One thing is for sure:  It will be more than just an experiment.  Having an open dialogue with the interactive marketing and digital community is very important to us and key to our business.  We hope you find it a worthwhile read and we encourage you to participate with your comments, links, and reblogging.

We’re also looking for some suggestions for our blogroll.  Who else is talking about these challenges that we should be paying attention to?

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